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Using the free coins from the popular app, 32 year old Donna Martin wins the progressive jackpot.

Posted on Tuesday January 21, 2020, at 08:52 am

Julia Washington

BuzzDaily Winners Staff

Smartphone Slots Go Viral – Legally, and For Free!

Casinos are beside themselves over a free App that’s allowing everyday people to win huge progressive jackpots. People like Donna Martin, who won the progressive jackpot using nothing but free coins.

“I Downloaded the app, and got 2,000,000 Free Coins. I won on something like my 25th coin. This is amazing – like a dream!”

is an social casino app where you can play the best social casino slots app and win big jackpots – for free! In fact, they give you 2,000,000 Free Coins if you download it at the right time**

The cool part is, this is 100% legal. It’s 2019 – sports betting just became legal, and Social casino style slot games like are legal as well. It’s a great time to be alive!

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There’s no subscription, deposits, or monthly fees. The app is free, and you can keep playing for free if you want to. It’s the ultimate social casino slot app, and with a chance at big progressive jackpots, you’d be silly to not at least give it a try, especially if you like slots.

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